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Boom Island Brewing is relocating from city to Minnetonka

Belgian-style taproom to open by July in office park

Boom Island Brewing Co. will relocate from north Minneapolis to Minnetonka, with hopes of opening by the Fourth of July.

The brewery has found a new home in Baker Tech, a five-building office park along Baker Road near Crosstown Highway 62.

The industrial business park will be a change of pace for the brewery owners, but they’re ready for the new location. The current location in the city is “getting a bit saturated” with new taprooms, so starting anew in an area that is “underserved” is ideal, according to general manager and part-owner Scott Becker of Shorewood.

“We just simply feel that, geographically, this area is very underserved,” Becker said. “There’s a big opportunity because there’s nothing there.”

The brewery will have an outdoor patio, live music on occasion, board games, bumper pool and perhaps a fireplace. Dogs will be allowed.

“We’re hoping to open a very comfortable and relaxing environment where families and friends can converse and come together and have a good time,” said part-owner Dan Syverson of Minnetrista.

The menu at Minneapolis location is dominated by Belgian beers, but there will be more variety on tap at the Minnetonka location.

“The company was founded on specializing in Belgian beer, and we will continue that tradition. But our goal is to have something for everyone, which means we will be expanding beyond just Belgian beers,” Becker said.

Prepackaged snacks—such as crackers and dip, cheese and sausage plates, and heat-and-serve flatbreads, paninis and stews—will also be sold. Food delivery from local restaurants will be available, and the brewery will partner with a local pizzeria.

Previously home to a hardscape and masonry company, the interior of the 9,000 square foot space will be remodeled. It is five times larger than Boom Island’s current space.

The space was primed for a brewery. In fact, Brass Foundry Brewing Co. vied for the space last year, but plans fell through.

The owners of Baker Tech, who bought the business park for $18.6 million in 2017, actively sought a brewery to attract and retain other business tenants.

“We couldn’t be happier to have an existing brewery like Boom Island that’s been in the business for eight years choose Baker Tech,” said Jason Simek, leasing agent and one of the owners of Baker Tech. “What we wanted most is to have that brewery because it’s a hot commodity.”

Other new amenities at Baker Tech include outdoor seating, bike sharing and frequent food trucks. The business park is now 96 percent full, up from 72 percent when it was purchased.

Council members said they are pleased that another brewery is setting up shop in the community. This will be Minnetonka’s second taproom, with the first being Unmapped Brewing in Glen Lake.

“Unmapped [Brewing] has certainly changed the face of our community in a lot of positive ways,” said Mayor Brad Wiersum at the March 18 city council meeting. “I think we have not tapped, to use a pun, fully the capacity of Minnetonkans to enjoy taprooms. I think you’ll do very well, and we wish you well, so welcome to Minnetonka.”

Boom Island’s anticipated hours are 3-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, noon to 11 p.m. Friday-Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

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