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Building a Multi-Tenant Industrial Portfolio with Peter Mork

Key Takeaways:

  • Lenders like brokers and investors to have a deep track record in their product type because lenders know that you have the skills to figure out asset level issues

  • Market knowledge mastery is powerful in putting deals together, building investor confidence, and raising capital.

  • Institutional capital has have come to secondary markets in search of yield

  • Make sure you have the right partners when you are raising capital so that you can ensure an alignment of interests, investment horizon, and strategy.

  • Line of credits have a place in starting a portfolio and for ongoing discretionary funds but they must be used strategically and in line with the bank’s wishes.

  • Metal multi-tenant industrial projects are acceptable on a one-off basis but have not yet been accepted by the institutional capital community

Here is a 2-minute clip from Industrial Insights Podcast with guest Peter Mork.

Listen to the full episode below and subscribe to the podcast on Apple.


  • His early deals – 5:09

  • A fantastic first deal – 8:16

  • Warehouse automation – 10:11

  • Cash and cash – 19:36

  • The ability to control risk – 22:09

  • What to do to win a deal – 23:14

  • Taxes will affect us more in 2022 – 25:39

  • A platform to evaluate real estate – 27:59

  • The best time to sell – 31:12

Episode Resources

  • Connect with Peter Mork



  • Connect with Justin Smith





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